The Palate is now Intervene Upstream

Since its founding, The Palate has sought to engage medical students in conversations that explore the connections between nutrition and public health, and their impact on the health of our patients, communities, and ourselves. Through our publication, we attempted to lay the groundwork for a future where nutrition is an integral part of health care practice and medical education.

We are announcing the migration and integration of The Palate into a new publication, Intervene Upstream, the online peer-reviewed public health publication for graduate students.

The strong commitment of Intervene Upstream to fostering a collaborative and visionary future for the field of public health makes it an ideal platform to retain the legacy of The Palate and, moving forward, to create new dialogues on the integration of nutrition into the health care and public health arenas.

We are confident this transition will open up new channels for the legacy of The Palate to continue to inspire a commitment to the integration of nutrition and public health in our readers.

Ethan Litman, MD and Frank Qian, MD, MPH
Editors-in-Chief of The Palate

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