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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Despite years of research, scientists have yet to determine how to solve the childhood obesity epidemic. While attempts are made to understand the contribution of one's genetic and socioeconomic exposure in the future development of obesity, physicians can take steps concrete steps to help families live healthier.

Tackling Food Deserts: Health, Convenience, and Home Cooking

Food deserts are a major problem in America. Efforts to promote healthy food options in food deserts are primarily focused on increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables. But, proximity to fresh food is not the sum of the issue. We must break down barriers that prevent low-income individuals from entering the kitchen, and lay...

Stories From The Wards: Is Pediatric Nutrition Advice Outdated?

“She isn’t gaining enough weight, I’m worried,” said a very frazzled-looking father, immediately as my preceptor and I stepped through the exam room door. We were anticipating this father's reaction, as we had noted on the growth chart before entering the room that 18-month-old Lily was not gaining weight appropriately.

How the Trump Administration Packs Your Child’s Lunch

A Look Into the National School Lunch Program What’s the lunch of choice for a kid today? The classic PB and J? Turkey sandwich? A slice of pizza? The truth is that less than fifty percent of kids attending a public school participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) are bringing a packed lunch...

Defending the Indefensible: Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels America is a non-profit, national organization that supports local nutrition organizations, most of whom serve seniors as their principal population.

Expanding Costs, Provisions and Waistlines: The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Obesity

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. It is an epidemic that is claiming the lives of our citizens, making the people of this country sick and costing our country hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

Cooking For Boards

When I reflect on my life, there is not a single moment I can think of where I didn’t suffer from anxiety. Cooking has helped me cope with my anxiety throughout medical school.

What Are Medical Students Eating?

What I don’t hear is, why don’t students cook? Though I occasionally will talk to a classmate who has finally transitioned to some light meal preparation after avoiding the subject during the undergraduate years, I more often hear that med students simply don’t like to cook.

From The Wards: How We View Obesity

Obesity is not a new problem to the everyday American. Over the last few decades, we have been bombarded with news of overwhelming obesity and of the alarming childhood obesity running rampant. In the hospital, we see countless patients coming in with obesity as a direct cause of their acute presentation or obesity as an...

Lightly Salted: The Food Industry and Public Health

With nine out of 10 Americans consuming too much sodium and over 70 million people suffering from hypertension, physicians, government, and industry must develop a joint public health intervention. Ultimately, it will take a synchronized effort -- the public understanding the effects of the sodium in the food they eat, consumers demanding lower sodium in...

SNAP: How Do We Encourage Healthy Choices?

The struggle to overcome polarization in the debate regarding food subsidiary program funding and regulations is not a new one. However, this is the first clinical trial conducted to examine the effects of incentivizing or placing restrictions on the food choices that low-income individuals and families have via a food subsidiary program modeled after SNAP....

The Blame Game: The Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease

Last week, a review published in JAMA Internal Medicine undertook an historical analysis of a set of documents related to research on sugar and its role in the etiology of heart disease. A healthy diet cannot come down to solely one ingredient, so while it is indisputably crucial to discuss and be exposed to the...