The Palate is the online peer-reviewed publication for medical students at the intersection of nutrition and public health.

The Palate seeks to engage medical students in conversations that explore the connections between nutrition and public health, and their impact on the health of our patients, communities, and ourselves. We envision a future where nutrition is an integral part of health care practice and medical education. We believe The Palate will inspire a commitment to the integration of nutrition and public health in the medical careers of our readers.

All content on The Palate is contributed by volunteer students. As a peer-reviewed publication, The Palate Editorial Board consists of volunteer medical students and Nutrition Experts, and is editorially independent. All content is reviewed solely by the Editorial Board and the editors-in-chief prior to publication. Nutrition Experts are faculty or individuals who have professional or academic expertise working in the fields of nutrition and public health.

Mission Statement

The Palate creates a platform where medical students can learn, engage, and collaborate with one another to understand the interactions between nutrition, public health, and long-term health.

The Palate seeks to:

1. Establish a unified medical student voice in the field of nutrition and public health;

2. Shape the conversation on nutrition, our food environment, and the public health;

3. Provide tools for medical students to become lifelong active consumers of the leading nutrition and public health research.


The Palate is currently funded by Pager Publications, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit literacy corporation founded by Ajay Major and Aleena Paul that curates and supports peer-edited publications for the medical education community. The Palate and Pager Publications, Inc. are directed and managed entirely by unpaid volunteers, so please consider a tax-deductible contribution to support our publication.