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Albany Medical College

Ethan attended Middlebury College and graduated with a BA in Biochemistry in 2013. After graduation, Ethan worked at Boston Children's Hospital at the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center as a research assistant. Through his experiences at Middlebury College and Boston Children's Hospital, Ethan has become an advocate for increased nutritional education for patients and providers. He believes good nutrition is the best preventative medicine.

The Palate Community

The Palate Community

We are a diverse group of volunteer medical students who seek to create a collaborative platform through which to explore the impact of nutrition on public health and our roles as future physicians.
QMED Chefs Help Us Eat Well

QMED Chefs Help Us Eat Well

The Palate, interviewed Meghan Bhatia and Monica Mullin, second year students at Queen’s University School of Medicine in Ontario, Canada. Meghan and Monica, who both interested in nutrition and student wellness, created a cookbook of student recipes during Queen’s Wellness Month.

Fighting Food-Borne Infection Can Help Our Local Food Economy

As physicians we promote eating unprocessed, fresh fruits and vegetables, we need to work with the food industry to ensure that minimally processed products are safe for consumers.

Should Hospitals Take the Lead in Changing our Food Environment?

We are beginning to understand that certain highly processed foods can lead to disease, but what is the best method of confronting these foods in our hospitals?