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Bridgett McNulty is a third year medical student at the University of Washington School of Medicine. She's been writing poetry and short works of fiction since her angsty teenage years. She enjoys working with kids and psychiatry so thought she'd put it all together and become a child and adolescent psychiatrist. She was karaoke, horror movies and doing stand up comedy on random weekday nights.


SNAP: How Do We Encourage Healthy Choices?

The struggle to overcome polarization in the debate regarding food subsidiary program funding and regulations is not a new one. However, this is the first clinical trial conducted to examine the effects of incentivizing or placing restrictions on the food choices that low-income individuals and families have via a food subsidiary program modeled after SNAP....

The Blame Game: The Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease

Last week, a review published in JAMA Internal Medicine undertook an historical analysis of a set of documents related to research on sugar and its role in the etiology of heart disease. A healthy diet cannot come down to solely one ingredient, so while it is indisputably crucial to discuss and be exposed to the...

BMI and Mortality: What’s The Connection?

We know that obesity is linked to chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease, but is there a link to overall mortality? This past July, the Global BMI Mortality Collaboration published a global meta-analysis examining the relationship between body mass index and all cause mortality. Lowest all-cause mortality was seen in those with...

The Epigenome: Nutrition and Metabolic Health

A better understanding of the epigenetic mechanisms involved in metabolism may inform our ability to affect health outcomes with early nutritional interventions, creating a new interface for disease prevention and public health intervention with the next generation.

Fiber Intake in Adolescence and Breast Cancer Risk: An Evaluation of the Evidence

In February 2016, a study published in Pediatrics noted a beneficial effect of dietary fiber on reducing the risk of breast cancer, particularly if fiber intake was high during the adolescent period. While this study might not have told us exactly how much fiber we should consume to reduce disease risk, it highlighted an important...